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Quality & Legal Affairs

Quality, our top priority!

Quality and safety are not only our top priority – they are the reason for our existence and the key to our success. Our whole team is trained, educated and motivated on the basis of this. We manage the complete production chain, from ingredient to finished product and perform quality checks at every step. We audit our suppliers and demand the highest quality levels possible. Our nutraceutical products comply with the strictest EU-FOODSUPPLEMENT and HACCP standards. NutriSpecials through its suppliers also has other certifications such as Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Organic, etc. We have direct analytical support and besides demanding analytical data from our suppliers, we also analyse ourselves for vitamin/mineral content, other nutrients, micro for hygiene and contaminants.

EU-FOOD SUPPLEMENT legislation conform

The Netherlands strictly complies with the EU-food supplement legislation. NutriSpecials is with the Dutch Health Inspection registered as a food-supplement producer and regularly audited by the Dutch Health Inspection. We operate conform the HACCP principles and share our risk analysis with our suppliers and customers. We are an active member of the NPN (Natuur Producten Nederland) in the Netherlands and thus member of the EHPM (European Health Product Manufacturers).